MedleyMed aims to make healthcare efficient for patients and Pharmacies alike. We are making the smartphone a gateway to a world of healthcare services— from getting a diagnosis done to buying prescription medicines online. We focus on three main aspects: Choice, Cost and Convenience. Our best-in-class technology makes access to healthcare more convenient and price-efficient for a patient.

Through our innovative Technology service offerings, we deliver great value to patients and help Pharmacies and Diagnostic centres find new customers, optimize operations, and create new revenue streams. Our technology stack ensures that we deliver superior customer service to all stakeholders.

MedleyMed allows you, the user, to make your smartphone the gateway to a more convenient, lower cost healthcare service with faster access to a broader choice of products and services in the days to come— from medical tests and diagnosis to buying prescription medicines online to no-wait video consultations with expert doctors.
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By making the smartphone a gateway to a new world of pharmacy-led healthcare services—from getting diagnosed to buying prescription medicines or getting an online video consultation -. MedleyMed will make healthcare more efficient and broadens the choice, lowers the costs and increases convenience for your customers. By better matching supply with demand, we increase the choice for patients and lower costs, while our best-in-class technology makes access to healthcare more convenient.

We are helping over 1,000 pharmacies in your area find new customers, optimize operations, lower costs, improve margins and create new revenue streams (with doctors, labs and diagnostic centres for example). Our technology stack ensures we deliver superior service to Pharmacies working with us.

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MedleyMed is driving transformation in healthcare by working with Doctors, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centers that are in alignment with our vision and goals. Our partnership programme enables them to extend their capabilities, generate revenues in innovative ways and achieve incremental growth. We are learning that together, a lot more can be achieved.

Thousands of patients in India are now buying medicines online on a daily basis and they are actively seeking discounts and offers. Our Technology Framework helps Pharmacies capture this opportunity and significantly enhance their revenues.